I discovered my love for photography at Western Michigan University, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  I since then became passionate about nature photography when I moved from Grand Rapids to Traverse City in 2005.  I currently live in Leelanau County with my husband and two boys, with whom I love to rock hunt, hike, kayak, and explore our beautiful area.

I have a few things going for me that help me get great shots: technical knowledge and an artistically-trained eye from my schooling, a nice Nikon camera, and a whole lot of patience.  But I believe nature photography is ultimately serendipitous. My favorites shots, the ones that actually capture the essence of that day/ place/ moment/ memory, the ones that paint a story that I didn’t even know was there, only happen when I’m having fun!

Please email me for other print sizes or special requests! You may see some of my photos in area businesses and restaurants, and many can be purchased at Golden Fowler Home Furnishings. I really love doing local shows where I can actually make a connection with people and talk to them about my work. Look for me at the Downtown Traverse City art fairs and several others every summer. And be sure to follow me on Facebook to see my latest ventures!